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Terms and conditions for renting an apartment with us

You can start the reservation by sending an e-mail to us or by phone.
Then, within the 48 working hours we will contact you to let you know the availability and price of the apartment you have chosen.

The reservation will be effective after paying the 20% of the whole stay by cash or via Western Union . The deposit of the reservation will not be returned.

When the guests arrive at the apartment they will be welcomed by its owner or their legal representative and by a member of our agency. There they will sign the contract (provided bty the owner) and the inventory and the guest will pay the total price of the rent in cash in dollars or pesos considering the Fx rate at the day you arrive to the apartment. In that moment, they will deposit the corresponding guarantee, which will be returned at the end of the contract. The guest will receive the keys of the apartment and will agree with our agency  and the owner of the apartment on the Check Out. There will be a administrative fee of USD 40 which will be paid apart from the rental amount. For checking in on Weekends, or Before / After Working Hours (9.30am to 7pm) there is an adittional late check in of USD 20.

When Checking Out, the owner of the property and a member of our agency will meet with the guest to reimburse them the deposit after having checked that the general status of the property and the inventory are in the same conditions as they were at the beginning of the contract (except for their habitual use).

Payments made for the rent of the apartment will not be returned. In case the guests wanted to reduce the number of days of their stay, the amount already paid will not be returned as a compensation for the property owner.

The longest periods of stay will be of 6 months (according to the current legislation) with the chance to renew the contract for another 6 months. The shortest periods of stay will depend on the apartment chosen.


When our agency  referres to a monthly stay we consider 30 days rental. For longer stays will be charged proportional rates.


Warranty Deposit will be:

a) For stays up to 15 days: One week rental

b) For stays between 15 days and a month: Two weeks rental

c) For longer stays than a month: One month rental


If the guests wanted to extend their stay, they should advise it to us as soon as possible to confirm availability and a new contract for the new term will be signed.

Names and ages of all the people who will stay in the property should be provided and they will appera in the contract. If the number of guests who actually stay in the property was higher than the one agreed in the contract, tenants will be evicted. The owners have the right to deny admission.

If the guest had any kind of inconvenience with the functioning of the installations, they should report it immediately to our agency, who will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Most of the apartments temporarily rented have a telephone service to make local calls for a limited amount of money (measured service). This amount will be included in the amount of the rent. Guests may use cards for long distance calls and for calls to cellular phones, which they could get everywhere in the city.

If you use our website and our services we understand that you agree completely with the Terms and Conditions, Reservation conditions and Cancellation policies of our agency. Otherwise, please do not use or hire our services.

Inicio - Buscar Ver todas las propiedades Contáctanos Agrega tu propiedad